Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dental Chair sexcapade

Actually this is something I havent done and dont know how and where to start the story… We’ll here it goes. This Happened a few years back. I had a lot of sexcapades and adventures and ito ang napili ko since I find it iba. (pasensya na halo english, tagalog and bit bisaya)

I was working for a local media outfit in one of the cities in mindanao. I was also handling the marketing, so i once accidentally answered a phone call for a trainee unfortunately he wasnt there so me and this gurl (the caller) had an instant good talk. She was smart and our conversation soon ended up being sexual in nature and later revealed that she was older than me and married with kids, which turned me on more. I dont know about you but married or women with BF’s really turn me on something about getting away with a deed makes me hot.

So I convinced her to meet me after few days of phone calls.

When we meet i realised she was chubby and really matured. She wears glasses and looks like a librarian in the movie’s. The look that’s really conservative and can’t break a glass. We had dinner at a barbecue outfit then she realised she left something sa office ng hubby nya. So I asked where it is. Then I realised her hubby is a dentist and has a clinic in the city. So sinamahan ko na sya papunta sa clinic. she was wearin a skirt so whicle going up the second floor stairs i could see her legs and part of her panties. This turned me on and got me hot.

There was a guy in the 2nd floor lobby in which there where 2 other clinics. The guy ask ano ginagawa namin at close na raw lahat ng offices since it was 7:00 pm na. She told the guy na wife sya ni DR___ and that may naiwan sya sa clinic. So we went in the clinic. pumasok sya behind the division’s kung saan andun ang equipments and i sat down sa waiting area.

Ewan ko ano pumasok sa head ko but I decided to lock the doors and went to where she was… nasa table sya may kinuha likod ng dental chair. She said. DUn mo na ako antayin im done na lalabas na tayo. Then i went straight to her and give her a hot passionate kiss. She was shocked and tried to push me. saying. Hey mapapatay ako nito may tao sa labas… ano bah.

I keep on kissing her and my hands was all over head body and one swept her left boobs. She started to kiss back and umangol sya when i licked and kissed her neck and ears and my hands gave her boobs a massage outside her blouse. mabilis ko natanggal hook ng bra na and she was amased ang bilis ko mag unhook. But she keep arguing about the set up. takot sya baka maka halata ang tao sa labas at umabot sa hubby nya ang story.

I keep on telling her not to worry di mahalata at pagbigyan lang nya ako at matatapos na rin ito. So i pulled up her blouse and revealed her wonderful breast, tapos itinaas ko bra then started licking her nipples. pinipigilan nya mag moan but may slight sound na lumalabas …hhhhmmmmm god hhmmmmm… i carried her then made her sit the dental chair. tapos while licking her nipples I strted to unbotton her pants and lowered it.

Tapos sabay bumaba yung pag lick ko. hitting her belly button. nag arch na yung body nyatapos bumaba pa ako papunta sa pussy nya while hinihila ko pababa yung jeans nya at panties. hinanap ko paano ma pa reclined ang chair then she told me how to. pagka reclined ng chair i went staright to her pussy, I opened my legs and my fingers opened her pussy lips then started to lick it. nanginginig puson nya at lalo lumakas moans nya.. She was holding my har na parang gusto na akong sabunutan. i cant understand if gusto nya tanggalin ulo ko or eh subsub ako, there are moment i cant even breath dahil nasubsub face ko sa pussy. But it did taste good. sarap na sarap akong dinidilaan from her vagina opening to her clit then back. she was wet and i was licking it dry but it kept gettin wet. she was moaning hard by now…. hmmmmm shitttt aaahhhhh yaaawaaaa kaaaa…. bilisan ko pag lick sa clit nya sabay pasok ko sa finger ko sa pussy… nanginginig na buong katawan nya lalo na both legs at tyan. While licking her Idahan dahan ko binukas zipper then lowered my pants… didnt want to stop wanted it to be spontaneuos.

SShhiitttttt aaahhhhhhhhh yaawaaa kaaayyooo kaaaa… tapos biglang nag close legs nya at she pushed my head hard after few minutes of eating and fingering her. grabee nag cumm sya and i licked it. basang basa face ko.

I then open her legs wider then she held my dick in her hands. close her eyes while she pushed it into her wet cunt. aahhhh grabee ang init ng pussy. i held her hips closer to me and told her to put her legs around me.

aaahhhhhh shit ka grabeeee sarap mo… sabi nya….

uuuuummppphhhh …. aahhhhhh …. napa unggol kami dalawa habang dahan dahan dinidiin ko at binibilisan pag pump sa kanya… labas pasok ako sa nag lalaway nyang puke… grabee ang sarappp mo … sabi ko…. fuck iyota pakoooooo bilisan mo pa pleaseeeeeee… nag beg sya… so yung isang leg nya nilagay ko sa may shoulder ko then binilisan ko at diniin ko pa… halos masigaw sya kinuha nya part ng shirt ko tapos kinagat ito para di maka sigaw… halos matangal dental chair sa grabeee ng intensity namin…

uummppphhhhhhhhh …… hhhmmmmmmmm….. nanginginig na voice nya while bitting my shirt….

then bigla nya akong niyakap ng mabilis at malakas…. nag cumm na sya…. shit di pa ako… i kept on fucking her tilll…

shittttt im cummingggggg bulog ko sa ears nya….. lalo nya akong niyakap… aaahhhhhhhhh uummpphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

then i kissed her and said ur great thank you…. ikaw rin …sabi nya

natakot ako since i wasnt able to withdraw coz sa higpit ng yakap nya but she assured me ok lang since naka pills sya… bilis kami nag bihis. inayos hairs…. then una akong lumabas sa door tapos sunod sya… wala na yung tao pag labas namin…

She smilled and said grabee ka hinidi mo pinatawad dental chair ng asawa ko hahahaha… We both laugh at it and called it the dental chair capade….
we did it again few weeks after sa hotel….

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