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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Parking Boy

Mga 'tol - may ishshare ako sa inyong True Story ko about sex. Sana magustuhan nyo.
Noong mga January ngayong 2017, nasa Facebook ako, nag-aadd lang nga mga babaeng cute sa mga friends list ng mga kaibigan ko. Doon ko na meet ang babaeng itatago nalang natin sa palayaw na "V".

Si V ay mas cute kaysa maganda, pero kaakit-akit parin. Yung tipong alam mong may natatagong kulo sa loob. Nagaaral sa ekslusibong unibersidad sa Katipunan (obvious ba kung alin yun?) pero may isa siyang malupit na sikreto.

Anyway, long story short ay naging close kami ni V, and eventually nagmeet sa totoong buhay and after a while ay lumabas na rin ang kaniyang kwento. Ang kaniyang buhay na taliwas sa lahat ng pagkakakilala ng tao sakanya.

Nakuha ko ang kaniyang paalam na i-post ang kwento niya dito; as long as ma-maintain yung anonymity niya. Actually, siya nagsulat nito from her own accounts and following yung conversation namin nung una itong lumabas. Ako lang ang taga-share sa inyo, kaya paumanhin nalang kung medyo nosebleed. First language niya kasi ang English and onti lang binago ko dito mula sa original niyang pagsusulat dahil gusto ko ma-maintain yung integriy ng story at dahil gusto ko din ma-emphasize sa mga mambabasa yung contrast between yung klaseng tao niya at yung mga ginagawa niya.

Maniwala man kayo o hindi, isa itong true-to-life story (according to V). Hindi ko maveverify yung mga actual events dahil nangyari ito bago ko pa man siya makilala, pero naniniwala ako sakanya. Kayo nalang bahala kung maniniwala kayo or hindi, pero kahit ano pa ang mangyari ay isa itong magandang kwento na I'm sure ay malilibugan kayo.

Anyway, without further adieu, ang kwento ng isang honest-to-goodness, true-to-life nymphomaniac. Ang kwento ni V.

Paano nagsimula? Hmm..wow. Good question. I don't really remember much na. Actually I don't remember much talaga from that night haha.

Okay let's see. I wouldn't say naman na I was particularly slutty growing up. Wala namang indicators that I would end up like this. I was pretty normal. Grew up in a good family with a sister a year and a half younger than I was. My parents were both very successful professionals, so we lived in a nice house in an exclusive subdivision and went to school in an exclusive all-girls high school along Katipunan, and eventually to university right next door. I knew how to have fun, but I was good in class. I'd party but I wasn't wild. I was makulit, perky, and have never a wallflower but I wasn't a troublemaker din. In short, I was a pretty popular girl, but never the type to give my parents any headaches.

I’d probably rate myself significantly above average in terms of looks pero not naman drop-dead gorgeous. I was more pretty and cute than beautiful, but I kept in shape by working out, jogging, dieting, and yoga. On a scale of one to ten, I'd rate my body siguro a 9. The last one point was more genetic (I'm not tall) than from a lack of maintenance. I got plenty of male attention, sure, but among the prettiest girls in my school I wasn't in the Top 10. Top 20, maybe. Possibly Top 15 or Top 12. So yeah, I wasn't super woah grabe, but I got my fair share of male attention.

In terms of boys, hmmmm. I was friendly without being flirtatious, as in yung hindi mo talagang mapapagkamalan na malandi. I've had two boyfriends. I started dating in second year high school. I went to second base that year at a party, and then third base and all the way with my first boyfriend in third year. He was my batch, from the neighboring school. We broke up after around 8 months and then I got together with my second boyfriend, who was a couple of years older than I was, the summer before going into college. We’re still together, he’s still clueless.

Sex...hahaha yeah. Sex. I enjoy my sex, I do. But I was also never the type to actively look for it. Well, until now lang. Prior to sometime last year, I'd only ever had sex with my boyfriends. Kahit na finger lang, no, only with them talaga. At most, at parties I’d make out and then sometimes they'd grope my butt or my boobs, but I never let them get any further. Kahit papano, at that point, I had principles. Or so I thought.

In other words, back then, I was normal. Hindi mo talagang maiisip na I'd do the things I'd do. Wala talagang indicators that, well, I'm a kind of nymphomaniac. A sex addict.

Actually until now wala namang indicators na I'm like this eh; I'm still the same. My personality is still the same, I still have the same friends, I live the same life. But yeah - may additional aspect na ako in my life that, well, I guess I never saw coming, but at the same time I wasn’t surprised it was there. I guess I always knew na I wanted it but never realized it.

Okay, yeah. So how did it start? I'll try to remember.

It was shortly after I started college. I think na we just finished the first sem then, it was the last day of exams, and I was out with my friends drinking to destress at an inuman place across from our school. My boyfriend was out of the country then for a study-abroad program for a sem and I was really, really missing him. Not to mention na I was really horny na by then. Tigang na tigang.

Everyone was finally letting loose after a long week of studying and stressing out. Tawanan, sigawan, kulitan, gaguhan. The usual. I was really tipsy na by then. Pero I could still remember and process everything that was going on.

Later in the night, medyo nakatulala nalang ako. I was pretty much just trying to sober up for my drive home, and things were getting pretty crazy na. A friend of mine was making out with her boyfriend while everyone was cheering them on, and another friend was cuddling with her boyfriend on his lap. Sobrang inggit ako nun. I missed my boyfriend, and DAMN. I was hella horny and getting more and more so by the minute. I could feel my pulse beating in my head. The heat in between my thighs was starting to become unbearable and I was fidgeting in my chair. “What the f*ck.” I thought. I decided to go home and sleep it off or something.

I was a little unsteady, but I could walk. At this point I didn’t know na talaga if it was because of the alcohol or because of how horny I was. My legs felt like rubber as I started heading towards my car, which was parked by a nearby overpass.

Kakaiba yung feeling ko that time. I felt hypersensitive to everything around me. The cold air on my skin. The sound of the gravel crunching under my shoes. The headlights of passing cars. But most of all, the wetness between my legs. I felt like I was going to melt. Each slow, heavy step I took sent shockwaves up my legs to my throbbing heat. The 30-second walk to my car must have taken me five minutes. Every time I took a step, I had to stop to catch my breath. “What the f*ck is going on?” I thought. I had never been this horny in my life.

Now, if you're familiar with the Katipunan area, you know na the parking area by the overpass is usually frequented by "istambays" who watch your car in exchange for like twenty to fifty pesos to make sure it doesn't get stolen or towed or broken into, or whatever. You also know they're usually a really makulit bunch and aren't afraid to make you g*g*.

One of them, of course, was watching my car. I don't really remember what this guy looked like. Probably ugly. Probably typical istambay. I don't even remember how old he looked but maybe I'd say he was between 15-17 years old. Or maybe he was 100 years old. I really don't remember and I don’t really care.

So ayun. I was heading towards the street in a daze. I couldn’t think straight. My mind was on sex – I couldn’t think about anything else. I stopped just short of bumping right into him. Funny. I didn’t even notice that he was there. "Ate sexy! Labas na kayo? Pangkain lang, 'te!" I ignored him and kept going. I was feeling pretty dizzy na by then. He was following me. "Ate sexy! Ate sexy! Psst! Suplado naman ni sexy! Huy!" he kept calling.

I stopped. My clit was really throbbing na by now. f*ck. I was so wet. I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t think. As in putang ina talaga. I needed sex. God. I knew that masturbating wouldn't cut it tonight. I needed a man. I needed a cock.

Everything was happening in slow motion. The parking boy’s voice sounded like it was coming from far away but he was so close I could smell him. I felt like I was taking each step on the moon. Or underwater. Thub-dub. Thub-dub. My heartbeat was fast and hard, pushing more and more blood into my engorged, wet pussy. Thub-dub. Thub-dub. There was a split-second delay between the beating of my heart and the throbbing of my clit. Thub-dub. Thub-dub. I squeezed my legs tight together, trying to lessen the pressure between my thighs. Thub-dub. Thub-dub. Everything zipped back into real time. I turned to the guy. A million thoughts were running through my head but they were just noise I couldn't make sense out of. All I could think about was the sexual tension burning inside me which needed release before it tore me apart. Five words were said.

“Kuya, san walang tao dito?”

The next thing I knew, we were in some eskenita between two closed restaurants. I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. I don't remember if I was wearing a skirt or shorts. It could've been either. All I remember is that the gravel made my knees hurt while I sucked his dick and he moaned while he was holding his shirt up and looking down at my face bobbing up and down on his hard p*n*s. He probably

couldn't believe it. I couldn't either. But all I could think about was the burning wetness between my legs and the hardness in my mouth and the way all the dirty things he was saying made each sensation feel more powerful. The tingling sensation I felt in my pussy. The way each vein and bump on his cock felt sliding against my lips and my tongue. The way his butt felt against my hands when they clenched through his shorts each time I slid his cock into my mouth or flicked my tongue over his head. The salty taste of the cum leaking from the tip. The thick, matted curls of his pubic hair as it pressed against my nose. The smell of his crotch - he hadn't bathed in maybe weeks. Through it all he rained down verbal abuse on me, punctuated by my soft, sharp moans and gasps as I suckled and stroked his dick with my mouth. "Ahhh, putang ina ka." he'd say. "Ang sarap mo. Wawasakin ko p*k* mo tong nina ka." he'd say. "puti ang libog mo pupunuin kita ng tamad ko." he'd say. With each word, with each dirty phrase, I'd feel my skin flush just a little bit more, the heat between my thighs burn just a little bit hotter, and my desire to make this dirty man cum grew all that more stronger.

Grabe. He was so hard. I don't think I've ever had a cock this hard before. The feeling that I could make someone like this made me feel powerful.

At this point I could feel his cock starting to pulse. He was getting close. He moaned louder and ground his crotch into his face so deep I nearly gagged. I clamped my lips down tighter in response and sucked harder. "Putang inaaaaaa aaaaah." he moaned. No, I didn't want him to cum in my mouth. I wanted him inside me. I needed him inside me. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and pulled my shorts down (or my skirt up). I couldn't remember. What I did remember is that I was wearing a polo, which was unbuttoned all the way so my breasts were hanging out in just my bra. They weren’t big, but they were firm. Just the perfect size to fit in your hand. I remember because I could feel the cold air against my stomach, making skin tingle and the hairs on my arms stand on end. Or maybe it was my excitement at being filled up by a hard, meaty cock that did it.

He spun me around and bent me over at the waist. I was leaning forward now with both hands on the wall in front of me and he had one hand on my waist. For just a moment I could feel his cock poking at my wet pussy, positioning himself against my opening. My clit throbbed in anticipation. And then, "AAAAAAH!" I couldn't help but moan, long and loud, when he finally penetrated me. Oh God. Putang ina. Puneta. Pun-fucking-ta. It felt so good. He wasn't that big but I felt so full. I felt like every nerve in my body was on fire, starting from my clit and burning through me, suffusing me all over with the warmth of glorious, glorious sex. My hungry pussy clamped down on each inch as it slid deep into me, hugging it tight and caressing its hardness.

He didn't even stop to savor the feeling. He went straight on to thrust into me, hard, fast, and deep. I had my eyes closed. All my senses were focused on the hard dick that was pumping in and out of me. Hitting the right spots. I could feel every bump, every vein on him, I could feel his glans pulling on my lips with each outstroke and the head spreading me wide with each thrust in. The world was spinning. I wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol or from the fucking I was getting. My whole world dissolved into that singular point of pleasure between my legs, stimulated by the p*n*s that was fucking me. No, not a p*n*s. What was fucking me hard wasn't a p*n*s. It was a dick. No, a cock. No. f*ck..oh God, yes..f*ck..the man fucking me didn't have a dick or a cock or a p*n*s. Nothing so literary as that. This kanto boy, this dirty, smelly ugly man. Only one word can be used to describe his tool. Tite. TITE. TITE. Kinakantot ako ng TITE. TITE!!

The words tore themselves from my mouth before I realised I was talking out loud. "Uh..oh God..f*ck yeah..kantutin mo ako. Kantutin mo pussy ko ng tite mo! Oh..f*ck..Uh!!" I had never talked like that in my life. I don't think those words ever found their way out of my mouth, which just minutes ago were wrapped around his strong, hard, masculine cock. TITE. There wasn't any better way to describe his pulsing manhood as it fucked in and out of my pussy. TITE. ARI. All very dirty. All very manly. Lalaking-lalaki.

He was fucking me so hard I had to push away from the wall or else my face would be ground against it. I was moaning out loud now. Loud and long, punctuated by short, high gasps of pleasure each time he drove deep into me. He was cursing with every thrust. His teeth gritted, he grunted each time his hips met my butt with the smacking sound of skin on skin. One of his hands was on my waist, tight, his nails digging deep into my skin, holding me in place and pulling me close as he pounded into my wet pussy HARD. His other hand was slipped under my bra grasping at my breasts, squeezing them so hard I knew they were going to bruise but I didn't care. My entire pelvis and abdomen were so tense I thought I would cramp up, my pussy lips clamping down hard on him with a life of their own as if they never wanted him to pull out, but I was so wet he had no trouble doing just that before pushing back in again.

"Uh. Putang ina. Ah. Aahh. Putang ina. Pu..ahh..tong nina." that was me, cursing under my breath but moaning loud. I had never been fucked this hard before. He was rough, the way he fucked me. Manly. Hard and fast, the way real men should f*ck their women. He didn't care if I came or not. He didn't care about my pleasure. There was no love there. All he cared about was the way my pussy stroked his shaft, the sound of his pelvis slapping agains my *ss, how soft my breast was, how hard my nipple felt against his palm, how hot it was inside me, how wet I was. And God, was I wet.

He was calling my all sorts of dirty names. puti. Pokpok. p*k*. Laspag. Gamit. All the while fucking me with his dirty, manly cock. I thought, for lack of a better translation - "Ganito pala kantutin ng tite ng tunay na lalaki." The thought turned me on so much. I loved feeling used, feeling like a whore for this alpha male who was strong and hard as the streets he grew up in and used me just as he used his hand every night when he jacked off imagining fucking a girl like me. No, a man like this doesn't jack off. Nagjakakol siya. Jinajakol niya tite niya gamit yung pussy ko.

I was going to cum. His rough fucking was pushing me over the edge. He pulled out too far and his cock slipped out. tong nina. Not now. I'm too close.

His hand left my breasts and cursed. I could feel him struggling to put it back in in a hurry. Too slow.
I pushed him onto the ground, pulled my shorts (I remember now that I was wearing shorts) and panties off, and knelt down over him, straddling his cock. With one hand I gripped his cock, positioning it against my pussy, and then lowered myself onto it, sliding it in all the way down. Oh God. Oh f*ck. Putang ina yeahhh. Like he did before me, I didn't waste any time. I started gyrating on top of him fast, sliding my hips forward and back, fucking myself on him. He moaned long and loud, I matched him with my own sharp gasps, my voice sharp with each exhalation. From my vantage point, I could see people walking by the entrance to the eskinita where we were fucking passionately. I idly wondered if they could see or hear us, or what would happen if one of my friends would be the ones to catch us.

It didn't take me long.

From on top of him I ground into him deeper as I felt my orgasm about to hit me like a freight train. I went faster. His hands clutched at my breasts. Faster. Delicious friction. Oh God. My breath was coming in quick, fast, sharp gasps now. Almost. Almost. f*ck. Sarap. Oh God. Ang sarap. "Ang sarap ng tite mo." I whispered. "Lapit na ako. Lapit na ako. Magcucum ako sa t*t* mo." The warmth in my pussy got progressively hotter, hotter before it finally exploded from between my legs to overload every nerve ending in my body with pleasure. It exploded in a rush, as I pushed down to push him deeper into me. The gravel hurt my knees and my legs, but even then it felt delicious. My legs squeezed him beneath me. I didn't have the voice to scream. My vocal chords were too taut to allow any sound to come out. My mouth was wide open in a soundless moan and my eyes were shut tight as my brain and clit shot pleasure signals all throughout my body so that my hands and feet went numb. I squeezed his cock so hard he moaned and pushed in deeper from under me before I went limp.

He wasn't done. His turn, now.

He pushed me onto the ground on my back. Caught in the afterglow of my orgasm and still feeling weak from its intensity, I didn't (or wouldn't?) complain. I could feel the sharp, rough stones and the powdery dust against my skin. I lost my breath and before I had a chance to react he was on top of me, his weight holding me down and his cock, harder than ever, penetrating me. I was so sensitive that just the feeling of his head against my opening nearly made me cum again. My eyes shot open and I gasped. "Uuuuuhhhh God." "Putang ina ang sarap moooooo." he moaned as he sank into me all the way up to the hilt. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him in close, my legs spreading wide to urge him deeper into my depths.

"b*tch ka. b*tch. tong nina mo." he breathed into my ear as he fucked me with his rapidly pistoning cock. I just gasped and grunted in response. My arms were clutching at him tight. It was my turn to dig my nails into his back. I'm sure they drew blood. "Malapit na ako. Lalabasan na ako puti ka." Upon hearing that from him, I panicked. "Wag sa loob. Wag ka magcum sa loob." I whispered. I don't know if he heard me or if he understood. If he did, he gave no indication. He was taking hard, deep thrusts. Pulling out until just the head was inside and then dropping his weight down all the way into me before my pussy could adjust. It was sharp, it was hard, it was good. Too good. Too fucking good. I was getting into it again. I was lost in pleasure at the way this istambay was fucking me as if I was just another labandera or tagabantay sa tindahan that he would f*ck. My pussy was just a warm, wet hole he could pump into. A warm, wet hole that happened to be attached to a beautiful girl from a good family, who goes to a good school. TOO FUCKING GOOD. "Ah God ang sarap ng t*t* mo. Aaaah!" I was close again. My first orgasm was forgotten, my second was coming fast and I could feel that it was going to be huge.

He was close too. His breathing was coming faster and harder, while his thrusts were becoming sharper and shallower. "Ate ayan na ako. Ayan na ako putaaaaahhh." He started pulling out. NO! Too good. It was too good and I was too close. Just a little more. Just a little bit longer. But he was going to cum. He was going to cum. He was going to cum inside me. I can't. I can't. I repeated it like a litany in my head, over and over. I can't. My boyfriend. My life. I'm gonna get pregnant. I'm gonna get kicked out of the house. I can't. I can't.

Oh yes I can.

As he tried to lift himself off of me, I wrapped my legs tight around him and pulled him forwards so that he fell back on top of me and his cock slid all the way inside me just as he came. "Aaaaaaaaah!!" he gasped through gritted teeth as he exploded inside my pussy. I could feel his cock swell and fire his cum in my pussy. It was warm. There was a lot. One spurt. Two. Three. I came on the fourth, his hot seed pushing over the edge, literally. I got light-headed. I felt like I was flying. His cock felt bigger than it was when he first penetrated me, or maybe it was just my pussy contracting around his dirty, manly cock. Putang inaaaaaaaaaa!! He was pushing deep into me, grinding deep, as if he was trying to push even deeper inside me. Trying to push through me, it seems like. His cock was all the way inside me as he filled me up. He was still cumming, still filling me up with his seed. tamad. Pinupuno niya ako ng tamad niya.

I was right. This one was a big one. When I came, I lost all control of my limbs. I thrashed about, my body trying to push him off while at the same time trying to pull his still-firing cock inside me. My torso was flailing and I could feel my legs and my arms spasming and constricting around him. My body was doubled-over. I was pressing my face against his neck while I ground my hips up against his. I bit down. Hard. He moaned louder. He was still cumming.

He must have shot around 6 or 7 spurts inside me already and he was still going. Each spurt heavy with his thick seed. Oh f*ck. Oh f*ck. So good. So fucking good. "Ang dami niyang tamad." I thought to myself as we both finally started to relax and come down from our respective climaxes.

I was still cumming when he pulled his softening cock out of me and tucked it into his shorts. The crotch area was wet. It was me, I was sure. There I was, on the ground, in a dark eskenita in Katipunan, naked from the waist down and lying on the ground with my legs spread and my polo unbuttoned around my heaving breasts. I was still too weak to move. I wonder what my parents would think, seeing me, their little princess, their good, beautiful, responsible girl, lying there for all the world to see in a dirty alleyway as the contractions from my orgasm made the parking boy's cum leak from my hole. If they could see na pinuno ng isang istambay, isang skwater, ng tamad yung kanilang prinsesa. I wondered what my friends would think. I wondered what my boyfriend would think, that some kanto boy made me cum harder than he ever did. That I was fucked and used like a cheap, dirty slut that you could pick up in Quezon Ave. and that I loved every second of it. Kinantot ako na parang anak lang ng labandera o driver o janitor. And that I loved it.

What happens after was kind of a blur. I vaguely remember him asking for my undies as a souvenir, and me letting him. I don't remember walking back to my car, I don't remember the drive home, and I don't remember climbing up to my room at home and falling into bed. When I came to in the morning, I was a mess. My clothes were rumpled, my makeup smeared, my hair all over the place, my pussy sore, and I had cuts on my legs and bruises all over my body. But I also had the glow of someone who had just had a fantastic f*ck. I was still in bed thinking about the night before when my younger sister came in. "Ate you were so drunk last night, you didn't even say hi to my boyfriend when you got home." It was true, I hadn't even noticed she was there. She then proceeded to tell me all about her night, but I wasn't really listening. I was processing everything that happened while she talked on. I wasn't sure how to feel about what happened. Guilt? For cheating on my boyfriend? Strangely, no. I dug deep into me, and yes, I still loved him, but no, I wasn't guilty. Shame? Hindi rin eh. I enjoyed it and I felt no shame about being used like that.

It was a long time after before I found out that someone had slipped something into my drink that night. Apparently, it was something that made you really horny. He was able to victimize two other girls that night. But in the end, I realized that what I did didn't come from the drug. It just unlocked something in me that I wanted all along. Deep inside, I had always wanted to be used by a strong, man, yung lalaking lalaki, na barumbado, bastos, at baboy. Malibog. In my head, my image of an alpha male was someone in manual labor, who was dirty, coarse, uncouth, and animalistic. The best term for it would be madumi. Madumi sa loob at sa labas. And that was what turned me on. I liked being treated like a piece of meat. "Pamparaos lang", so to speak'. I liked it pag binabastos and binababoy ako. Despite what it would make you think, it made me feel like a woman. It made me feel like I was wanted, much more than the times I was courted with flowers and chocolates and dinners and dates. What I wanted was to be used for my pussy, used until the guy came, used until my pussy was sore, with no regard for me and my pleasure. Yung wala nang pakialam talaga sayo. I wanted men to see me and let go of all decency and morality. I found I liked having that effect on men.

It wasn't the drug that made me do it. If it weren't for that night, it would only have been a matter of time. Maybe not then, but eventually.

As I stood up and got ready for the day, I also knew one thing.

It wouldn't be the last.


Harold Mamuyac said...

Ang dami kung nababasa na ganyan yung mga babae na gustong sinasaktan sila yung gusto nila parang yung sa Fifthy shades of gray.. 😟, mas gusto nyu ba talaga yun kesa sa sweet and gentle!??

charlon zamora said...

Hindi na uso sweet ngayun bro....kantot na Ang uso ngayun...hehhe

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